How to Map Static IP to your Domain (with GoDaddy example)

To set up a domain name, there are a couple of steps to do. First, you need to purchase a domain name from a domain name registrar. Second, you need to set up DNS records for your domain by using a DNS hosting service.

Let's do these one by one.

⏳ Prerequisite - A domain name from a domain registrar

I assume we have already purchased a domain name from any registrar such as GoDaddyGoogleDomainsBluehost or BigRock to name a few. Learn more about domain name registrars.

βŒ›Set up DNS records for your domain

Let's say you have purchased a domain called from GoDaddy. I am using GoDaddy as the domain name provider and using its DNS hosting service.
The admin interface of all the domain name providers might be different once you login, but the steps will be the similar.

  1. Login to Godaddy, and move on to My Products section.
    GoDaddy Account Dashboard
    Image: GoDaddy Account Dashboard
  2. Click on DNS tab present at the extreme right of your domain.
    GoDaddy Domain Management Dashboard
    Image: GoDaddy Domain Management Dashboard
  3. Once a new page Record opens, click on the edit icon (pencil icon) at the right of the Type A record.
    GoDaddy IP Records Dashboard Edit
    Image: GoDaddy IP Records Dashboard Edit
  4. Put your static ip ( say a dummy ip ) without https or http or slash in the "Points to" section (highlighted in yellow in the image below), and Save it.
    Assign IP to host in GoDaddy Records Dashboard
    Image: Assign IP to host in GoDaddy Records Dashboard
βœ”οΈ That's it. If you want to learn more about DNS, head over to this DigitalOcean article.